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- James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times

Friday, March 20, 2009

The wheels are in motion

Okay, they've been in motion every since Karen Syed said, "Would you like a contract?" Let's say that they're in gear and going ten, maybe fifteen, miles an hour. Yesterday I went to the Placentia City Hall and rented one of the community buildings for my book launch. Specifically, I rented the Backs Building in Kraemer Memorial Park. This one:

I thought this would be a good place to have the launch party because this is where they find the first body in my book. Actually, they find it behind this building. The good thing about this building is that it's large enough to handle a lot of people, and it has a connection to the book. The bad thing about this building is that I can't serve any alcohol here, so Peri's dirty martinis will not be available.

I would have preferred to rent this place:

It's Peri and Skip's favorite neighborhood restaurant. In my short story in Missing ("Cleaning Up at the Franks"), this place is called Paolini's. That's because this place used to actually be called Paolini's. I like that name better than Capone's, but hey, I don't own the place. They changed the name halfway through my work with Kat, my editor, so I had to do a global replace if I wanted the book to halfway match reality. Capone's would be a great place to have a launch party. Good food, we could have alcohol, but I'd be paying an arm and a leg, and possibly my liver and a couple more organs. I love my book, but I can't go into debt celebrating its release. Of course, in this economy I'm just hoping Capone's lasts until my next book.

Back to the Backs Building – first of all, I'll set the mood with Dean Martin. In addition to Dino, I'll have some of Peri's favorite music (Eric Clapton and Arrowsmith), and I'll try to press my son's singing/guitar playing into service.

I'll decorate the tables with roses, to tie in with the Forever Roses Ring. I'll offer punch and cookies. Look at the cookie cutters I found:
Cool, yes? If I can get cookies made like these, it would be perfect. If it's cost-prohibitive, I could have a couple dozen of these to decorate the plate of plain cookies.

For entertainment, here's what I'm thinking:
1. Portable DVD players around the room, playing slide shows and other teasers for book.
2. Brief interview (I plan to enlist my friend, Robin, to come up with interesting questions).
3. Brief reading, along with a little Q&A.
4. Raffle off a book (money goes to support Placentia Library).
5. A large jar of olives – guess how many are in the jar and win a book.
6. First x number of people get promo materials.

What have I forgotten? Oh, yes, how about a table full of my books for sale, and an endless supply of pens for me to autograph them!

So… how's that sound? BTW, I'm holding it Sunday, July 19th, in the afternoon. Come on out and have some cookies!

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Teresa M Burrell said...

Great ideas for your launch party. You're way ahead of me.

I really like the idea of using a place where the first body was found. And you are tying in so many other things from your novel. Great stuff. Love the Dean Martin thing as well. Good luck and have fun!

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