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- James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times

Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting back to business

I bought a new laptop this week. My old laptop was giving me the blue screen of death once a day. I could actually deal with that, even if it bugged me that it would happen while it was just sitting on the coffee table, not doing anything. But the last straw came when the computer stopped speaking to the wireless printer. Oh, I'd send it stuff and it would pretend to give instructions to the old HP.

Then my docs would be swallowed in some cyber-black hole. I don't print a lot of stuff, but when I do print, it's because I need it.

So now I have an ASUS with a fat bunch of memory and RAM... and Windows 8. That's all they sell now. Windows-Freakin-Eight. I understand the concept of it, making your computer look like a tablet, which I guess is sexy IF AND ONLY IF you have a touchscreen. If you don't, it's just stupid.

I don't.

What I am loving is the keyboard and the way the characters float onto the screen as I type. I like the size and feel of the machine in my lap as I sit in the recliner and work.

What I'm not loving is that the new computer doesn't really want to transfer stuff like my email contacts and my bookmarks, etc. I've been futzing with it for a coupla days now, and it may be time for another trip to the Geek Squad. I hate giving up, but maybe it's time for me to turn loose of those reins and hire someone for the job. Funny, but I feel like I'm completely resigning my title of Former Software Engineer and assuming the role of Author.

Is there anything you've had to let go of? How hard was it for you to admit?

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