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- James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Run for your lives! Frosty's on the warpath!

This is the scene on what I think is called my couch table (it's the table behind the couch) in the family room. My lovely sister-in-law, Mindy sent me these cute little Americana style decorations over the years, so I feel inclined to display them together. I was looking for a table runner that looked more like snow, but all I could find was this Christmas-y quilt pattern, which did fit in with the home-spun nature of the decorations.

The problem?

The perspective seems a little off. As in, "due to atomic mutation, Frosty the Snowman terrorized the small community of Quiltville." I'm not certain how the townsfolk conquered the attack of the fifty-foot snow monster, but as you can see in the left corner, chocolate was involved.

The train set is, in itself, problematic. In addition to the train, the set came with a town.

I'm thinking no one in town is tall enough to be the engineer. Heck, even Quiltville Trucker Bob needs a stepladder to get into his duelly.

(By-the-by, pay no attention to the starry Santa and tall-but-not-gigantic snowman in the picture. They only got half the dose of radiation that zapped Frosty.)

The train reminds me of a circus train, all brightly colored, just like the one that carried Dumbo across the country. But look at the animals in the cars.




What kind of train would haul barnyard animals?

Oh. Oh, that kind of train.

Don't worry, kids. This train goes to the petting zoo. That's right, the petting zoo. Maybe Frosty will step in front of the train and stop it, and the animals will escape. They will run away and find a kind and gentle girl who will take them in and keep them safe. Then everyone will live happily ever after.

Even the people in Quiltville.

Welcome to the mind of a writer. We never stop making up crap.

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