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- James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times

Friday, April 13, 2012

A fractionated Friday the 13th

This is a quick post with different parts, which is why it's fractionated and not fractious, which believe me, it could be.

First, here's the new cover for Freezer Burn. It should be available in e-book and paperback within the next couple of weeks. Trust me, I'll be letting you all know when it is.

When Freezer Burn was first released, I loved the cover, and truly had a hard time thinking of anything else when I set my cover designer, Joe Felipe, to work on it. But I trust Joe, and he did a great job. The dark cover with that swoosh of red makes the bold image of the fridge stand out, and I like the stark white lettering of the title. I also like the fridge door open a little, as if to beckon you in to see what you might find. Oh - and the martini glass? It's become Peri's signature - she likes clean houses and dirty martinis. The whole thing is very similar to Hit or Missus and really helps me brand my Peri Minneopa Mysteries.

Now I gotta get that third one finished and quit telling myself, gee, if you write 1,000 words a day you'll be done within the month. Good plan, but which 1,000 words?

Secondly, before I go off to write those words, my son entered a song in a contest held by this very popular interactive webcomic, Homestuck. I've never looked at the comic, as I fear I might be hunted down and terminated for not being cool or young enough to read it. But apparently, because it is so interactive and incredibly fan-based, they hold contests for people to submit songs that serve as a soundtrack to the comic and its characters. If you win and get a song on one of their albums, you get bragging rights (while retaining your song's rights), plus something like 6/100 of a cent in royalties per sale.

Marcus entered, won, and has a song floating out there for the listening. Here's the YouTube posting of the song:

If you're interested in the album, here's where you go to purchase it for $8: Homestuck ColoUrs and mayhem.

Now, excuse me, I've got some writing to do.


Tameri Etherton said...

I love the voice on that song. Is Marcus playing the piano? Very cool. I loved the whole song, actually.

And the cover to Freezer Burn. I kind of feel like since I have the first version I've got a collector's item! Now if only I could get the author to sign it. Then it'll be worth millions!!

Gayle Carline said...

You DO have a collector's version, one I would love to autograph!

No, Marcus isn't playing on the song at all. He wrote it, found the musicians (all from CSULB), rehearsed them, and worked with the sound studio to get it recorded. Pretty solid for a 19-year old.

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