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- James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear God, does she ever shut up?

One of the things I'm discovering about this Blog-A-Day-O-Rama is that, on the days when I'm super-busy, I need to just post something quick, like a pretty picture or a famous quote, but I can't. I've got to type some of my own words to go with it, and before I know it, I've typed an entire entry. I guess you could say I run off at the fingertips.

So, it's late-ish Friday night and I want to get to bed early because tomorrow's a busy day. It will start off here, at the Alta Vista Country Club:

This is Placentia's country club, and it's where the Placentia Library is hosting their Author's Luncheon. No, I'm not one of the authors being feted - yet - but I want to go and meet some other authors, glad-hand the library patrons and get the scoop on the luncheon and the country club.

You see, my next Peri Minneopa mystery novel will be set in this world. I realize that the Placentia Alta Vista Country Club isn't quite the upscale digs that some of those reality-TV housewives would frequent; however, by the time I get done with it, it will be.

Although I love setting the action in and around my hometown, I do take liberties. After all, it's called fiction, people. The real country club offers only golf, and has a nice clubhouse with a bar and restaurant and meeting rooms. My version will probaby include tennis courts, a pool, and perhaps a spa. Not to give away too much, Peri has to infiltrate a group of wealthy wives for surveillance and discovers some of them may have an interesting side business. The working title? "Hit or Missus."

In addition to the author's luncheon, tomorrow is my 17th wedding anniversary. I'm not certain what Dale and I will do, but rumor has it my son will be out of the house with friends until late, so who knows where we'll go and what we'll do?

Which means I need to get some sleep if I want to truly enjoy tomorrow. I keep thinking tomorrow's entry might be brief, but that's what I thought about this one, too.

Later, Peeps.


Enid Wilson said...

Congratulations Gayle on the 17th! It's quite a milestone. So will your story at the club setting contain a wedding too? I like the tennis and the spa addition. Two of my favourites!

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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Hope you have fun at the Authors' Luncheon and for your 17th anniversary! Our 16th is this year...


Nick said...

Congrats Gayle! Happy anniversary! Can't wait to hear about the luncheon.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I love that you "run off at the fintertips." You've made my day brighter with a very fun post. Thanks.


Karen Brees said...

Anniversaries combined with a meal out - what could be better?

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